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Our MacBook repair specialists at RM Computers are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and required resources to get your device repaired quickly and affordably.

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Regardless of the reason for your broken device, most people might assume that repairing their broken screen or water-damaged MacBook might be anybody’s and everybody’s job. No, it should be given to someone who knows it. 

Screen replacement | Replace Pro or air battery | Complete system trouble shooting, diagnosing and repairing | refurbishing your System  

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Here we have listed a few issues.

  1. Networking issues mainly related to Wi-Fi, NBN
  2. iMac doesn’t recognize the keyboard or mouse
  3. It can’t read or write to a disk
  4. Blank screen on your iMac displays. 
  5. Issues related to booting including grey screens and the logo
  6. System struggles to run applications. 
  7. Crashes or freezes
  8. Screen or keyboard fades while you are typing
  9. What if you lost your password? Your Air or Pro won’t reveal your password.
  10. The MacBook Air or Pro reboots before you finish installing or updating something.
  11. Thermal issues on Apple Mac, MacBook Air, or Apple MacBook Pro – problems related to the fan, and hard disk drive service.
  12. Hardware problems
  13. Data Recovery
  14. Annual Services in Singapore


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Common Issues

  • 1. Water Damage
  • 2. Camera Problems
  • 3. Case Replacement
  • 4. Motherboard Repair
  • 5. Battery Replacement
  • 6. Charging Port Problems
  • 7. LCD Screen Replacement
  • 8. Touch Panel Replacement
  • 9. Other Problems