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Home button issues

Is your home button stuck, sunken or just not working? We can replace home buttons, power buttons, volume buttons, almost any button you can think of, just not the buttons on your shirt!

Overheating issues

If your phone feels uncomfortably hot, or warms up more than usual doing everyday tasks, you might have a battery or motherboard issue. Small short circuits in the device can cause certain areas of the phone to heat up, our technicians face these issues every day!

Liquid damage

Recently dropped your phone in the toilet, ocean or the bathtub? We can fix that! We have over 83% success rate on liquid damage repairs, our technicians do everything possible to recover your data and repair the phone.

Speaker issues

Distorted speakers? You can’t hear your friends on calls? Speakers are very fragile and can be clogged or damaged by dust. To save you money we’ll try to clean and service your speakers before replacing them.

Cracked LCD/Screen repairs

Damaged displays can be super annoying! Glass splitters can also stay stuck inside finger tips! We can replace your LCD, OLED, or just the glass, we’ll replace your screen the right way and have it looking brand new! .

Phone battery replacements

Tired of your battery not lasting all day? Draining quicker than it used to? Bring it into any of our branches for a free battery health check up and have your battery replaced.


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